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2015 On the Road Again

We rolled out of Grand Junction with Aphrodite after a little problem.  The first time you open the garage after the winter you keep your fingers crossed, as there are just so many moving parts in one of these trailers.  So our morning started with the discovery of no battery life.  Being the rookies we still are and needing to get the trailer lined up to Thor we proceeded to hand crack the trailer up and up and up.  After many cranks we were hitched up and did discover that as soon as the trailer is plugged into Thor you have power and the electronic jack worked.  I must say that brought a big smile to both our faces.  It is so funny how the little things make such a difference when they work as designed.  The batteries are great now after 6 hours of driving today.  We will deal with this upon our return.

Our first trip of 2015 and it is a family camping trip.  I have 3 brothers and 2 sister in laws and here is how our adventure lays out.

Mike (my oldest brother) and Mary (Michiganders)-drove out to Colorado with their R-Pod trailer last week and we had a wonderful weekend in Colorado, a typical spring weekend.  Sun, snow, sun, snow.  They pulled out Monday for Moab and met up with my youngest brother (from Las Vegas).

Jim (brother 3) rented an RV and met them in Moab on Monday.

John (second oldest) and Cheryl (also Michiganders) flew to Phoenix and picked up their RV. They have an RV at home but didn’t have the time to drive 3 days out so chose to go this path of renting.

Here is our plan:

Tonight we are in Bryce Canyon with Mike, Mary and Jim.  We are here until Sunday and then we caravan to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  I have never seen the GC so super excited would be an understatement.

We look forward to sharing this family vacation with you.  We have not vacationed together since a trip to Walt Disney World which took place many, many years ago.  It has been a year in planning.  I can’t think of a greater adventure than doing a trip with family.

Our adventure has begun and I looking forward to laughing, sharing and together time with an amazing family.  Follow us as we explore this great country and share time together.

Bryce Canyon National Park: The Figure 8 Combination

DSCN1345With the winds finally calm this morning we set out for an early start on this hike.  A quick overview on Bryce Canyon National Park from the local park paper "The Hoodoo."  (Established in 1928 as a National Park, best known for the beautiful and bizarre rock spires called hoodoos and the dark night sky.  A Hoodoo is a pinnacle or odd-shaped rock left standing by the forces of erosion.)   DSCN1298The park itself is not large, the total area is 55 miles.  However, it is truly awe-inspiring.  We were guided to this hike by the ranger we spoke with yesterday.  It is a combination of the Queens Garden Loop, Navajo Loop and Peekaboo Loop for a total of 6.4 miles and 1,631 ft of evelvation change.  We encountered very few people during the majority of the hike (thanks in part to an early start).  We stopped at several points along the way because every corner gave you something else to view and it is truly like nothing we have seen thus far.  DSCN1325 A picnic lunch after and back to Aphrodite.