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Final Day in Las Vegas

After a WINDY night last night (Aphrodite–she was a shakin') we started preparations to head back home tomorrow.  First, we went into Boulder City which is right next to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead for some breakfast at The Coffee Cup.  Featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and DIves the food and service (and bloody marys) were great!

We then went to the Strip to meet Ginny's brother, Jim, for an early dinner.  We headed over to Bobby Flay's Burger Palace.  Likely the best burger we've ever had! BBP

Coffee cup

Vegas Sunrise Duathlon and Vegas Strip

We woke up to a lovely day for a race.  Today was Joe's first race of the season, a duathlon.  The race consisted of a 5k Run, 13 mile Bike and then finishing with a 5k Run.  He had a very good race, finishing second in his age group.  The course was challenging and the by the time he finished the temperature was already 90 degrees.     P1010557






Later in the day we made our way to the Strip, which always seems to be a true melting pot of the world.  We met up with my brother and walked over to the newest attraction on the Strip.  The LinQ and the  High Roller.  The High Roller is a observation wheel with pods that hold up to 40 people.  The wheel rises 550 feet above the Strip and gives views of the surrounding area for miles.  We all agreed doing this at night would be amazing.  We would highly recommend doing this next time you in Vegas, and get your tickets on line.  I have attached a few pictures to give you an idea of what the experience was like.  




We took a walk down the strip to The Cosmopolitan for dinner at China Poblano.  A fusion between Chinese and Mexican.  We have been there 4 times for dinner and have enjoyed every dish ordered.  Jim was all set to enjoy the Brussel Sprouts, maybe even 2 orders.  Then, we search the menu and search the menu and no Brussel Sprouts-seasonal menu change.  The Brussel Sprouts have been replaced with Asparagus.  All in all we enjoyed our dinner as always and all agreed the Brussel Sprouts were better.  A nice night in Vegas.  Always fun, high energy and a total experience. IMG_0848

Hell’s Backbone Grill – Boulder, UT

Yes, Boulder UTAH…not a typo.  A friend of ours, David, mentioned that he and his wife always route themselves through Boulder, Utah (population: 180) when they are driving back to Colorado when visiting relatives in Las Vegas.  We thought: what the heck could be in Boulder, Utah that would want you to drive an extra 4 hours and over an unnecessary 9,600' mountain pass on two lane roads to get home??

The answer: Hell's Backbone Grill.   DSCN1272Jen Castle and Blake Spalding are the owners and co-chefs.  They started the restaurant 15 years ago, along with their 6 acre farm.  They produce most of what's served in the restaurant including vegetables, herbs, meats, and chickens.  Almost everything else is sourced from other local farmers (like the eggs we had for breakfast before we hit the road that had those orange yolks you see in Europe).  We had a great dinner in the quaint dining room, then came back for breakfast the next morning. (Note for non-RV travelers: they are connected to the Boulder Mountain Lodge)



Camping accommodations were a bit–shall we say–interesting.  When we made our dinner reservation (by the way, it was packed on a Sunday night so if you go call ahead) we asked about camping.  They said that there really wasn't anything except the gas station has "a few hook-ups". DSCN1269 So…we called the gas station, they took our name, and we showed up. Sunday.  In Utah.  Everything's closed.  SO we went next door to the Anasazi Museum and the woman said to go aheaad and hook up, which we did. And we settled up with the nice folks Monday morning before we left.

Life's grand journey…we'll be back to Boulder. Utah, that is.


New Belgium Brewery Tour- Fort Collins, CO

Before leaving Loveland we took in the sights of Fort Collins (and provisioned Arphrodite).  One of our stops was New Belgium Brewery-home of Fat Tire. P1010464 A 90 minute tour and tasting experience was a highlight of the day.   P1010465

We enjoyed being part of a very spirited and youthful culture including finishing the tour on a twirly slide.  If you ever find your way to Fort Collins this is one thing  to add to you list.  And, check out the Airstream-1554 (they named their black ale after it).   P1010475 Tomorrow we hook up and take off for the beginning of our road trip.