About Us

We are an active couple residing in the mountains of Colorado. Outdoors is where we live–hiking, biking, trail running, skiing, snowshoeing. We have a busy schedule and do everything we can to explore our amazing country, one road at a time, aboard our Airstream International 27FB–Aphrodite. DSCN0284 Meet Ginny I was born and grew up in Michigan.  After college at Central Michigan University, I lived in Chicago, Colorado, California and now back to Colorado. Much of my time through life has been spent and enjoyed in the outdoors.  My father loved taking trips to our national parks and enjoying the beauty of nature, I am thankful both he and my Mom introduced me to Yellowstone and many other parks at a young age.  Today my love of nature is stronger than ever, and some of the best days are spent outside with Joe. I love to work out, cook, bake, eat and drink.  I definitely am in the “work out to eat” camp and I plan on enjoying every moment of life on the road.

Meet Joe I was born and grew up in South Florida playing all sports and enjoying the outdoors.  After undergraduate at Georgia Tech I moved to California where I spent most of my adult life.  Always active, I had the opportunity to sail, windsurf, backpack and hike in some of the most beautiful places.  We moved to Colorado a few years ago where, it seems, everyone is outdoors all the time.  I enjoy road and mountain biking, trail running, skiing and hiking with Ginny throughout the Rockies. See you on the road!

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